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Conversion Metrics: Not just for E-commerce

Conversion metrics are important parts of any analytics program and should help drive decisions at the top and bottom of the accountability ladder. They help drive optimization as well as tell a story about usability and click-paths that ultimately depict behaviour. Is your website doing what it is can to deliver on what the visitor came to your site to buy/donate to/get informed about/etc.?

Wanted - Analytics Visionaries

The Tuesday Standard is looking to tell the stories of analytics - measurement - data - visionaries that are getting things done in their organizations. They are innovators and making change happen in charities, corporations, governments, etc. and have an interesting story to tell that will help all of us in this growing field. What about your story? Let us know - complete the form - it's as simple as that.

Measurement and Analytics - Who Gets to See What?

Any measurement or analytics program needs to consider how open your internal access to data will be, and how open and transparent you will be with key stakeholders and the general public. This post takes a look at different types of organizations and how their approach to access can be driven by the culture and education around measurement as much as it is by any governance restrictions.

Decision Making from Website Satisfaction and Measurement

Understanding satisfaction is one of those measurements that provides insight into what you are doing right, but also what you are doing wrong in your online experience for different audiences. This goes for websites or apps that include shopping carts, services, or mainly information only. This post is the first lead off from the 6 elements of measurement discussed last week and will be a deep dive into this element